Requests for quotes

for publications of customers follow the following procedure


The customer sends to our offices, by e-mail, the text of the Notice of Race / outcome / auction / competition compiled with all the information required by law, in a copyable format, specifying on which channels it intends to publish and request a quote.

The customer can request, on the basis of the text sent, the creation of the valid prototypes for publication in the Italian Official Journal and in newspapers, as well as on the GUUE and on the sites of the MIT and Regional Observatory.


mit sites




Our technical office sends within an hour of the customer’s request, the quotations requested, accompanied by the texts and necessary documentation to proceed towards the eventual confirmation of the quote, all always by e-mail.

For all types of explanations and / or integrations to quotes, the customer will always have a commercial referent , that can also find on the mobile and fixed-line telephone network.


For Publication In GURI

GURI by a customer always takes place by e-mail with the sending of the text paginated by us signed together with the proxy and invoice data document (our prototypes) compiled and a copy of the identity document of the signer of the notice.

From the customer’s confirmation to the publication in GURI of his notice, three working days pass, the customer in the days preceding the publication will receive by e-mail the number of the Journal and date of publication.

Daily publications

The confirmation of a quote for publication in newspapers by a customer always takes place by e-mail with the sending of the text we have paginated signed together with the billing data document (our prototype) compiled.

The customer chooses the date of publication in the newspapers which cannot however be earlier than the 3 working days following the date of confirmation of the quote. Our commercial office will take care of reserving spaces in newspapers and sending materials for publications.

The time of publication of a notice on the GUUE, MIT and Regional Observatory are different from the previous ones: these publications are almost contextual to customer confirmation.

After the publication of a customer’s notices, our administrative office concludes the service by sending the invoice and the supporting documents of the journalistic pages on which the notice has been published.


Vivenda srl as only interlocutor allows to the client:

– to reduce drastically the internal human resources in order to dedicate to relations with publishers and polygraphics;

– to be sure,technical and legal, of the correct formulation and layout of the texts to be published;

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